Saturday, May 14, 2011


If you are a regular follower, you may have noticed the new navigation bar at the top of the page! I will start to organize new posts to fit into some of these new pages.

  • Home
    • This will take you to the main blog page
    • Here you will find general posts that are not sorted into the following areas
  • Schedule of Appearances
    • This is where I will list my upcoming craft show events
    • I will organize them in order by the date they occur, rather than by when I sign up/finalize them. This will make it easier on all of us I believe. ;)
  • Current contests/giveaways
    • Find information about current giveaways, coupons, promotions, etc here.
    • After doing this first giveaway, I realized I needed to put the information in a place far easier to find, and I think this will do the trick. 
  • I've been featured!
    • Here I will post when I get featured in blogs, collections, treasuries and elsewhere
    • I will post them in order with the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top
  • Craft shows in review
    • This is where you will find my pictures, reflections and other thoughts on the craft shows/events I attend.
    • I would like to get a rating system going at some point as to how likely I will be to do the show again in the future.

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