Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing Octo Tuesdays!

Baby Octos

Baby Octos are cute little plushies,
with eight legs and big personalities!
Baby Octos like to make new friends,
share hugs, be silly and have fun!
Each baby octopus has his or her own unique personality, 
as you can plainly see!
Some like to help in the garden,
while others like to throw a celebration!
Some enjoy things that glitter,
others dress-up like their favorite character!
Baby Octos may seem mischievous, 
but they really just like to play with us!
Baby Octos are looking for their forever homes,
a place where they can always go,
Where they will be loved and cared for,
by a fun loving boy or girl!

Introducing "Octo Tuesdays" at Live.Dream.Create.! 
  • Each Tuesday, a special edition baby octopus will be introduced to the shop! Be sure to friend us on Facebook to make sure you get the announcements first! (Don't forget to check your settings to make sure that Live.Dream.Create. posts appear in your newsfeed!)
  • Each baby octopus is handmade one at a time, giving each one his or her own personality. 
    • Patterns, stitching and colors may vary slightly in each collection, so be sure to check them all out to find your favorite! 
    • You will receive the baby octopus that you order.
  • These will be made in limited quantities ONLY! I will announce how many are available each week.
    • There might be 2...or 4... or 8 in a collection... But once they are gone, they are gone! (So, don't miss out!)
    • Sorry but there will be no holds or reserves on baby octos.
    • No re-orders, special requests, or custom orders for more limited edition baby octos. (This would defeat the purpose of being "limited".)
  • Each baby octo will come with a "collector's identification card"
    • Card contains a picture of your baby octo, its name, a "baby octo number" (overall baby octo number) and its number in the collection (ex. 1 of 2 or 2 of 2) and something about your baby octo. 
  • Each baby octo will come with other fun goodies- like stickers! (Because who doesn't love stickers!?) Goodies may vary from week to week, but they will be announced.
  • Everything that is included with each Baby Octo will be listed at time of purchase.
  • You can find Baby Octos from "Octo Tuesday" for sale in the "Limited Edition Octos" section in my Etsy shop.