Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
I am tired of the snow and the cold.
Please make it stop and let the sun shine!
I am ready to see sun, green grass, and colorful flowers!

Since I am being snowed in again, I will get back to work :)

Over the weekend I was able to do a major inventory of my supplies and in-stock products.
I also got quite a few things started and/or finished!
In progress:

  • Felt sushi rolls (2 dozen each of: cali rolls 1& 2, boston rolls, raw fish)
  • Royal purple, teal, golden yellow octopuses
  • donuts (almost done with rounds, then on to the "eclairs"!)
  • Poppy Pins
  • pop tart pouches
  • Colorful elephants and monkeys

  • 1 donut box
  • some donuts
  • 3 Poppy Pins (requested by a friend-working on more)
  • Some photographs
  • Inventory

Want to start:
  • More phone/kindle pouches in fun new designs- open for suggestions!  ;)
  • Sushi Take-out boxes
  • Donut boxes
  • New sushi pieces
  • Easter/spring chicks (baby pink, sky blue, spring green)
  • Fruit and veggies


  1. Your work is so creative and neat!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now your new follower!