Friday, May 18, 2012

Live.Dream.Create. Updates

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, so here are some updates! :)

Oddmall was a blast! Made some new friends, got to see some cool things, and got to try out some new displays and new items! 
You can find the pictures from Oddmall here. 

For easier shopping, I now have (my Artfire shop) and (my Etsy shop). 

I was able to get my NEW tent! I am super excited to now have an "ez-up" style. The one I had before was okay, but let's face it, no one wants to wrestle all those poles and keep track of all those connectors! ;) I was able to upgrade into the "commercial grade" tent, and like my husband said, I should NEVER have to buy a tent again! (Well, at least not for a long time.) The whole tent thing was a little bit of a fiasco, and I really am glad to have it crossed off my to-do list. 
The original tent that I purchased was NOT what was advertised. I had even called back to the store after seeing it the first time, and the lady said that "all of the tents [they] sell are WHITE". Um, dark brown is NOT what I would call white. So my husband helped me return the first one, then we went to Dick's Sporting Goods like I should have in the very beginning. In the bag, the new tent is as tall as I am and weighs probably 50 lbs- so it looks like I will be getting a good workout this summer! :)

I have started lining up the shows for the season. I will start listing them on the "Events" page as I get confirmations back. These are the next two:
  • June 2:  Kent Masterpieces on Main's Art & Wine Festival
    • Downtown Kent, Ohio
    • Noon - 10pm
    • Free Admission
    • For $10 customers can purchase a wine glass and 3 "taste" tickets to use at the wine booths
  • June 9 & 10:  Summerfest
    • Lake Anna Park, Barberton, Ohio
    • Saturday June 9th: 10am - 6pm
    • Sunday June 10th: 10 am - 4pm
You can also view the events on the facebook page. Feel free to share the events with your friends, family and whoever else you feel like sharing with! ;)

As a final note for the evening, I am working on setting up an email newsletter. This would contain event updates, coupons, and new product info. I am thinking once a month. (My in-boxes have over 3000 spammy emails piling up, so I understand if you are hesitant, but I promise I won't send them very often! - and you can always opt out later if you decide it is not for you.) If you would like to sign up you can do so here: Newsletter sign up

P.S. Feel free to "Like" us on Facebook!

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