Saturday, August 20, 2011

Take the Handmade Pledge!

 I Took The Handmade Pledge!

"I pledge to buy handmade for myself and my loved ones,
and request that others do the same for me."

Buying handmade is always a special experience that large chain-stores just can't provide. It is the thrill of finding something truly unique and special. It is the connection we make to the inventor, creator, artist and seller. It is the one-on-one customer service we receive. It is buying local. It is about making a personal connection to some one in another part of the world. It is about receiving something from the heart that is made with love and special care. It is the personal touch and the extra effort that makes us all feel special. It is the idea that without one person's creativity and hard work something would not have existed. Handmade means so many things to so many people. Visit BUYHANDMADE.ORG, see what handmade means to others, take the pledge, and share with your friends and family. So far, over 52,800 have taken the pledge! 

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