Monday, April 25, 2011

Gearing up for my first craft show

Alright, alright, I am sure everyone is so tired of hearing about Oddmall and that it is my first craft show, blah... blah... blah...
BUT, I am just going to say it again- 
May 7, 2011 I will be at the Oddmall craft show in Hudson, Ohio
and I am very excited! :) 

As I was browsing the internet this evening, I came across this quote that I fell in love with- it just describes a lot of stuff I have been doing lately in trying to get everything top notch for the craft show. I know going out there to do a craft show isn't comparable to, I don't know, having your art displayed in a famous gallery or having something sell for a million dollars, but still... Everyday I wake up and try to do or create something better then the day before. This weekend was no different!

  • I've redone my sushi items- they are now way better then before. Aka, far closer to "realistic" in appearance and overall are much more pleasing. Those will be taking the place of the old sushi items and playsets on my Etsy and Artfire pages. I will soon be working on creating new types of sushi to add to the collection.
  • More watermelon slices, carrots, apples, and oranges will be completed in the near future. (My fingers needed a rest this evening.)
  • I am working with a friend of mine to create new business cards and advertising items that will be much more eye catching and fun! I can't wait to release them!
  • I am attempting to do a giveaway of one of my baby chick plushies. Find out more info: (So far, no entries!) Winner will be drawn on May 17th, 2011. Get up to 5 entries!
  • My friend at Baby Sprouts Boutique and I are working on applications for other venues during the summer and fall months. Check out her adorable toddler items at:!

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